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Established in 2006, JS Music Studio is known for its top-class music tutors and high standard of teaching.  Our tutors hold performance diplomas and Music Master/Bachelor degrees awarded from top universities overseas and in Hong Kong.  With high music accomplishment as well as years of full-time teaching experience, we are dedicated to offer the best music training to the next generation in Hong Kong.





Music is much more than getting done all the pitches, rhythms and expression markings on the scores. Accustomed to learning in haste, students in Hong Kong tend to ignore the very essence in music, especially on aesthetics. We are keen to offer comprehensive training in areas ranging from physical techniques, control of tone colors, music appreciation, aural skills, compositional background and structures of musical pieces, to historical performance practices.




We love music. We love music teaching as much. Our mission is to enhance the musicianship and the love for music for the next generation. We believe that quality education in music is highly valuable for our students� complete development in life, no matter whether they will make music their life-long career or not.




We have a cozy learning environment with 11 classrooms. Our classrooms are equipped with high-quality Yamaha and Kawai pianos (both grand and upright), and also a precious pedal harp and some lever harps.  In the past few years, our students have been awarded a lot of prizes in open music competitions and achieved outstanding results in music examinations. We regularly hold student concerts in professional performing venues in Hong Kong. Our past concerts were held in Hong Kong City Hall, Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre, Space Museum and Shueng Wan Civic Centre.




Address: Shops 77-78, City Garden Shopping Arcade (Block 13),  233 Electric Road,fortress Hill

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