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Our Performances at Weddings, Concerts and TV Shows:

1.  Harp Solo

(14) Hasselmans: La Source. Sam Khan 簡可怡: Harp Solo. - YouTube

(14) Viotti: Harp Sonata 2nd movement (Harpist: Sam Khan 簡可怡) - YouTube

2.  Harp Duet

(14) Franck: Prelude from Prelude, Fugue and Variation. Harp Duet by Sam Khan and Alex Tsang. - YouTube

 3. Harp Trio

(14) Harp Trio- Tchaikovsky: Lullaby & Chorus from "Iolanta". Yusuke Yamazaki, Sam Khan & Joan Lee - YouTube

(14) Barley: Harp Trio pieces, played by Yusuke Yamazaki, Joan Lee & Sam Khan - YouTube

 4.Harmonica and Harp

(14) Greensleeves 綠袖子. KF Ho: Harmonica 口琴. Sam Khan簡可怡: Harp 豎琴. - YouTube

(14) Tchaikovsky June (Barcarolle). Harmonica: KF Ho. Harp: Sam Khan 簡可怡 - YouTube

 5. Violin and Harp

(14) John Williams: Remebrances Violin: Terry Leung Harp: Sam Khan - YouTube

 6.. Piano Solo at Wedding


 7.Harp Solo at Wedding


 8.Piano Solo at Wedding


 9.Harmonica and Piano


 10.Piano Solo at Wedding


 11..Piano Solo at Wedding


 12..Harmonica and Harp


 13.Harmonica and Piano


  14.Piano Solo


 15.Harp Solo  at Wedding


 16.Saxophone Trio


 17.Piano Trio  




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